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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining proper diet, nutrition and fitness has never been more difficult.  Whether it’s the stresses of work and family, lack of time, or uncertainty with the ‘what and how’ to develop your own personal wellness plan – Complete Nutrition and Fitness Inc. is here to help.

Complete Nutrition and Fitness Inc. offers everything you need:
  • Private, personalized planning and counseling
  • Live videoconferencing or face-to-face consultations
  • Programs, therapies and guidance from doctors and dieticians
  • Meal planning, recipes, shopping lists and more
  • Our proprietary app to help you monitor and track everything you need
  • Weight loss and dieting support
  • 100% non-invasive LipoMelt body sculpting
  • Private, personal fitness training
  • And much more…

Brought To You By Worldclass Doctors & Dietitians

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD

Dr. Washington Bryan, MD

Nell Stephenson,

Dr. Zacharia Reda, MD

Daniel J. Muppidi, MD


Conveniently located just a few miles south of downtown Santa Maria (S. Broadway and W. Betteravia Blvd), Complete Nutrition & Fitness Inc. provides area residents a private, high-end nutrition, fitness and overall wellness experience with a wide-range of programs and services to meet your goals and budget.

Whether you live or work in the area, we are conveniently located and offer free, off street parking.

If you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, weight loss and better nutrition led by world-class doctors and dieticians – then you owe it to yourself to set up a FREE, private session with Susie Duane.

Appointments can be made for phone, videoconferencing or in-person sessions.

Whatever your preference!


Meal Plans Based on YOUR Personal Information & Preferences

Our Meal Plans are evaluated and designed by doctors and dietitians. They provide balanced, healthy, nutrient-rich meals that are also delicious!

Pre-planned meal plans provide variety as you start creating healthy, nutritious meals. When coupled with our proprietary app, getting fast results is easy:

  • Tracking Your Progress – Grocery lists, meals plans, nutrition analysis and calorie intake.
  • Ongoing Support – FitBit wearables integration, video tutorials, daily inspiration, chat support and more.
  • Easy Meal Planning – Step-by-step recipes, grocerty lists, recipe creator, food and exercise logs.

Getting started is EASY! Click below  and select the program that works best for you!

Meal Planning


We Do All The Work For You

All you have to do is buy the foods in your meal plan and utilize all the support in our app.

How do we know what you should be eating? We will take your personal health data to create an eating plan that best suits your needs. With our program you DON’T count points or calories or question what you should be eating. You DON’T have to read labels and calculate carb, protein and fat content.

Our mobile app will give you all the information you need to reach your ideal weight goal!


LipoMelt is a simple, safe alternative to liposuction. The treatment is 100% non-invasive and does not cause any bruising or scarring. Clients will see a reduction in inches in their very first session and best results are achieved with multiple sessions in a few weeks time period.

The unique light emitted from LipoMelt causes the fat cell membranes to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. This brief change allows some of the fat contents to seep out to where it can then be processed by the body.

The LipoMelt treatment can be effectively used on essentially every part of the body where localized fat deposits exist that are resistant to diet and exercise. This includes the waist, hips, legs, thighs, and upper arms.

Lipomelt FAQ


Susie Duane, the owner, and CEO of Complete Nutrition & Fitness Inc., brings a wealth of qualifications to her role. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified RIM Facilitator. Furthermore, she holds a master’s degree in Executive Coaching and Consulting. Susie’s primary aim is to collaborate with individuals eager to create positive transformations in their health and fitness.

Additionally, she serves as the CEO of Stress-Resilient Coaching and Consulting, a division within her company. This division specializes in assisting individuals in effectively managing stress and building greater resilience through coaching and consulting services.

Excellent results for her clients are achieved by:

  • Creating individualized nutrition and exercise programs.
  • Focusing on your unique and specific goals.
  • Providing accountability, support, and encouragement!
  • Coaching and Consulting to better manage stress, become more resilient and have a greater sense of overall well-being.

Over twenty-plus years, Susie has accumulated extensive expertise in wellness and fitness. Her track record includes remarkable achievements in aiding hundreds of clients in achieving weight loss, improved fitness, and overall better health.

Susie’s approach goes beyond merely creating personalized meal plans with recipes. She delves into addressing emotional and stress-related eating patterns, habits, and behaviors. She recognizes that addressing these factors is the key to achieving lasting and sustainable weight loss results.


Our Advisory Board and Contributors is comprised of five amazing individuals who are each committed to total wellness of the mind and body.

Each professional brings years of experience and knowledge in a variety of fields:

  • Weight Loss Management
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Meal Planning
  • Recipe Creation
  • Internal Medicine
  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Pediatric Care

From Physicians to Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to Corporate Dieticians… This is YOUR team who will guide you to complete nutrition and fitness!

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